Women & Kids with a message

When creating my own brand, I consciously looked for a production company with the right standards and values.
Most Portuguese clothing companies are small and medium-sized companies.
This makes them flexible and allows them to respond quickly to the market. 

No mass production, no harsh working conditions and where high quality is of paramount importance. Portugal has many years of know-how in the field of textiles and clothing. The yarns for weaving and knitting the fabrics are locally sourced. Working conditions are correct in contrast to situations at many companies in South Asia. 

I wanted to create comfortable clothing for every day with a little extra. The quotes help us remember what the essence of life is every day. The colors have been carefully selected and I hope you like them. The hoodies are loose fit, have a slightly looser fit than a regular fit and feel very soft and comfortable. The slim-fit shirts are really a delight in quality and fabric, everyday basic that are indispensable in every woman's closet. You always have the choice between the garment with or without a quote. I hope it makes you happy and it makes you feel strong, even in those more difficult days!

I keep dreaming,
Even when I can’t
see the results.
Let them fulfill
their own destiny,
not ours.