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  • October 1st, 2020
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Story of MaXelis

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This website is meant for every woman. Every woman’s success and every woman’s struggle in this chaotic world, which desperately wants us to be something we’re not. A world that made me feel lost more than once in this life. Lost in myself, lost in love, lost in purpose, in expectations... And so on. Deep down I guess we all struggle with comparing ourselves with others, due to lack of self-worth. Sometimes it seems to me that whatever we do or achieve, it is never enough. Imagine our primal education was learning self-worth and connecting with ourselves first, before we try to connect with others. It must be a totally different picture, but it is what is it, and that’s okay! Especially if we are aware...


It's alright.
And all is well.
And I'm getting there.

- Abraham


Dare to jump, dare to be alive! There is nothing wrong with loving material things. Ideally, the material and the spiritual should coexist, but we so quickly exaggerate in both of those worlds. Humans just can’t seem to stick to a middle ground 😊, but I guess that being conscious and aware of it already takes you a long way. Remember, we’re not here to be perfect, otherwise we wouldn’t be here at all.



The first way to shift into a positive state of being as a woman would be when we try and look our best on the outside, whether that is strong, sexy, feminine, edgy, classic or whatever else fits for you. This already brings me halfway there whenever I have a rough day. It is the first step to feeling good, so like I said, it is not all about working on ourselves, we can also have fun, we can enjoy, relax and feel pretty and just be. I really tried to create and design the collections for every woman, since I truly believe no women should feel excluded. I realize I can’t do well for every woman, I’m just one person, but I will try. The commercial line is affordable. I just want you to be able to feel confident, strong and free, not perfect. 

So, in this way, through this collection I want to create a small step in finding ourselves, our true expression and our confidence. We should radiate what we feel on the inside, outwards, and a little help never hurt nobody. Finding your inner strength doesn’t happen overnight I learned over the years 😊.

My own designs translate the state of being I hope all of us can make happen for ourselves. It takes time and work, but if we remind ourselves daily of what is actually important in our lives, it is helpful to feel grounded and secure. 

As for the kids, I myself am learning daily to not project my own fears and expectations onto my child. Many of us were raised this way, told that we should adjust and be liked, which meant that from a very young age, we couldn’t truly be ourselves.

I know we can change the world and generations if we can learn to love ourselves so that our kids can love themselves and feel free and good enough just the way they are.

I hope I can help to make you feel confident and frisky, to take little steps in finding back your power, or if you found your power, to radiate it some more! And just enjoy, new clothes make a lot of women happy and give them some good energy for just a moment. And sometimes we only need one tiny moment to shift our energy.

Remember, if you feel good, you attract good in your life! Let’s be gentle and good for ourselves, only then we can be those things for others... Something I need to remind myself of daily, every day, every hour, every minute... 


I learned on my journey inwards, there is no wrong and right, there is only finding yourself and being authentic, letting go of shame and ego and then you’ll meet again after all.


Have fun, relax and pamper yourself!